To Pasture
Blue Hill Farm: April 27, 2002, 6:53 am

Guest Vitner ~ María José López de Heredia
Join us on Wednesday, May 2nd as we welcome back María José López de Heredia for antother memorable wine dinner.  Guests will enjoy her family's distinctive selections alongside a four-course tasting menu featuring the best of the spring. The cost of the dinner is $245 exclusive of tax and gratuity.  Please call 914 366 9600 for reservations.

Can't Get Enough ~ Ramps
 "Too much of good thing can be wonderful." ~ Mae West And, don't we know it. With legions of bushels in the walk-in, we are preparing for the ramps' waining days by putting-up ramp pickles, ramp marmalade, even "sauer-ramps". Blue Hill NY's Francine Lee has been experimenting with ramp kimchee, just like her grandmother use to make, which, after it ferments for a few more days, could make its debut in staff meal later this week.

The Orchidist: week of April 19, 2012
 Masdevallia Coccinea 'SanBar's Carmen Beauty'

Ramping It Up
For six consecutive years, Chef/Kitchen Director Adam Kaye has gathered the Blue Hill troops, and led them to Upstate Farms and Mike and Jan Kokas' top-secret ramp/fiddlehead fern hideout. As if the reward of 120 lbs. of ramps and 40 lbs. of fiddlehead ferns was not enough, the summer-like day, the picnic of smoked ribs, chicken, old-fashioned sides and naps in the afternoon sun was icing on the cake.

Deconstructing Absinthe
Wormwood infused vodka, anise~celery simple syrup & muddled fennel come together in Blue Hill New York's inspired cocktail creation, Artemisia Absinthium.  

Limited Engagement ~ Blue Hill Pinot Noir 2010
Each fall, Claire Paparazzo (Blue Hill) and Thomas Carter (Blue HIll at Stone Barns) pack their bags head to the West Sonoma Coast to walk Hirsch Vineyards, sample the remarkable harvest and compose Blue Hill Pinot Noir. The 4th annual City/Country collaboration is a compliment of old & new vines, Pommard & 777 clones, and was aged in 25% new oak.  

What's in a name? that which we call an onion? a shallot? an onion?
What would you call a allium that is botanically an onion (allium cepa) - single bulb, no internal divides, but has the sugar breakdown of a shallot (allium escalonicum) - high in sucrose, low in fructose and glucose? Nope, not an Shonion or an Onllot. Try BGS-270. Bred by Bejo Seeds and cultivated by Adam and Cory Jacobson in Fulton, NY, BGS-270 stores as good as a potato, caramelizes like a shallot, and is as easy to peel as an onion. BGS-270 plays a starring role in tonight's farmer's feast.  

Mother, Oh Mother ~ Blue Hill Ale Vinegar
Part 1: {Stone Barns Center Hops + NY State Heirloom Grains + Defiant Brewing Co.} = Blue Hill Ale Part 2: {Blue Hill Ale + Mark Larrow's malt vinegar "mother" + a bit of patience} = Blue Hill Ale Vinegar  

Spring Bitters ~ Wormwood!
Just planted ... waiting to harvest ...

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