Hops to It
Katie Bell's work is never done. Her homemade hops bitters will soon make their downtown debut.  

The Orchidist: week of February 29, 2012
Beach Girl 'Geyerland' devonianum 'Ha Bui' On display at Blue Hill at Stone Barns through March 8, 2012.  

Straight from the Tap
 Even a brave ant ventured onto the tap for a taste of sugar maple sap.  

Blue Hill F.A.R.M.S. ~ Heather Teige
What do I hope to learn? I’m excited to see the instant collaboration between the restaurant and the farm and to learn more about the logistics of running a successful farm-to-table operation. Having little experience working on a farm or restaurant, I’m eager to gain a more visceral connection to the land and a greater understanding of how that is translated into the pleasure of eating healthy, delicious food. Much like peanut butter and jelly, the relationship between the two seem to make unquestioned, good sense.

The Grill: Baby Steps
Leg of Stone Barns Lamb, slowly roasted

The Sassafras Old Fashion
 Inspiration: Sassafras Root, dug from the frozen ground

Hence the Name
 The blue hills, 6:55 am this morning.

Blue Hill F.A.R.M.S. ~ Taylor Jang
"What did I learn? I learned the best way to slaughter chickens and turkeys, how to move a 500-pound pig when it doesn’t necessarily want to be moved, the peak time to harvest baby vegetables and endless other iterations of useful farm know-how. I also learned to carry trays of fragile glassware quickly and efficiently, grace and poise under pressure, obscure fine dining etiquette and that Blue Hill’s family meal has been the most nutritionally balanced, consistently tasty string of meals I’ve experienced since I left for college."

The Preserved Apricot Flip
 Inspiration: Red Jack Apricot Kernals, dried and preserved last September

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