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Blue Hill Out to Sea
The Blue Hill at Stone Barns' kitchen crew traded in their whites for rod & reel, headed out to the Shinnecock Bay with Dock to Dish & The Shinnecock Star, and had learned just how hard it is to be great fishermen.  

Blue Hill Field Report: Into the Woods
No longer a Blue Hill F.A.R.M.S. apprentice, BARTENDER, Tara O'Keefe reports for the North Woods on ramps, and fiddleheads and more.  

Black Dirt Field Report: Finale ~ J & A Farm
Blue Hill Cafe's pastry chef, Melanie Moss, took her Black Dirt experience to heart, and, as an homage, has been baking a kale scone inspired by the fantastic breakfast prepared by Cheryl Rogowski's team.  Melanie wraps up the experience with a few words about a true Blue Hill partner, J&A Farm:

Black Dirt Field Report: Part Two ~ Paffenroth Gardens
Only a few days into her externship, CIA San Antonio student Brianna Bond met up with one of Blue Hill's founding farmers, Alex Paffenroth, king of the root crops:

Black Dirt Field Report: Part One ~ W. Rogowski Farm
Twenty-four kitchen interns, F.A.R.M.S apprentices, cooks and servers took to the road, headed northwest and discovered the Hudson Valley's Black Dirt Region. First up, W. Rogowski Farm, courtesy of Blue Hill at Stone Barns Intern and CIA student, Matt Lewis:

Blue Hill F.A.R.M.S. Report: Ashley Giddens, one week to go
How can I summarize the past six months in a paragraph? One day I was helping to transplant vegetable seedlings into the ground, a few weeks later harvesting them for the restaurant and the next day cooking and serving them to guests who I assisted with reservations a few months prior. While many are not fully aware of the journey I have taken as I arrive at their table, I hope they see the gleam in my eye as I set down a sea of floating vegetables. My experience as a F.A.R.M.S.

Blue Hill New York Report: Crystal Lingle talks F.A.R.M.S.
"From transplanting seedlings into the soil of the greenhouse to witnessing the first breath of a baby lamb, I see that spring is near. My escape from the city proved to be everything I dreamed and more. What seemed like perfect timing even allowed me to participate in the relocation of Grey Beard, which felt like a wild hog chase. I’m looking forward to learning all that I can from the knowledgeable and dedicated crew that make this an exciting place to be, all year long." ~ Crystal Lingle  

Join Blue Hill NY in Distilling Agriculture!
Blue Hill New York is proud & excited to be a part of this year’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic!

Blue Hill New York Report: Peter Henry talks Sausage
Ever the hospitable host, Chef and Kitchen Director Adam Kaye brought out the meat grinder, some well-soaked sheep's casings and a gallon of pig's blood to welcome the front and back of house of Blue Hill New York, visiting the farm for a lesson on sausage making. Kaye walked the crew through the steps of production for each of the fermented sausages, and solicited help in making two fresh sausages, both of which would be on the menu at Blue Hill NY following a brief bit hang at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

F.A.R.M.S. Apprentice Report: Tara O'Keefe talks Coffee
The Blue Hill at Stone Barns front of house team had the opportunity to spend time with Teresa von Fuchs, the passionate and hugely knowledgeable Director of Wholesale Operations for Irving Farms Roasters as she demonstrated the proper techniques for brewing espresso and properly using an espresso machine.

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