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Christine Langelier

Christine Langelier

General Manager - Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Christine Langelier's love of food was set in motion by an Easy Bake Oven, and fortified by hours, days and years spent behind ice cream and bakery counters, organizing catered events and working with the finest chefs and restaurants throughout United States, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. Immediately following her graduation from The Culinary Institute of America where she received a joint degree in business management and culinary arts, Christine joined Blue Hill at Stone Barns as a F.A.R.M.S. Apprentice. During the six month program she honed her skills and found her calling (and her passion)-designing and tending to the restaurant's tisane and herb garden. After being a member of the Blue Hill team for just over one year, Christine was promoted to Assistant Service Director in May 2013 and Assistant General Manager in 2015.

Today, Christine has an extensive garden of her own, and she spends her free time exploring all that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

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