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Alanna Maldonado

Alanna Maldonado

Event Manager

Alanna Maldonado grew up in a very large family where meals that took days to prepare were the center of every gathering. She spent her childhood along side her grandmother and mother, tugging at their apron stings, asking endless questions and serving as the family's official taster. Alanna began her undergraduate studies at Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University, but ultimately transferred to The Culinary Institute of America where she fell in love with the art of cooking and the history of cuisine.  

Alanna's appreciation for the Hudson Valley's beauty and its agricultural diversity brought her to Blue Hill at Stone Barns in the fall of 2009. As a key member of the restaurant's service team and a F.A.R.M.S. apprentice, she spent her mornings harvesting vegetables and her evenings sharing stories of those very ingredients with Blue Hill's guests. In 2014, Alanna became a member of Blue Hill's events team.  

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