Farms We Love

Farms We Love

Many of the farms that drive our menu appear in our "know thy farmer" section, along with remarks from the farmers themselves. Here are some other farmers and producers with a delicious vision for the future.

Four Season Farm
Organic gardening experts Barbara Damrosch 
and Eliot Coleman in Harborside, Maine

Polyface, Inc.
Joel Salatin's "beyond organic" farm in Virginia's 
Shenandoah Valley

Norwich Meadow Farms
Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh strive to grow food as it was 

created on their ecologically and ethically sound 

New York State farm.

Mas Masumoto
Third-generation farmer David Mas Masumoto's
organic peaches, nectarines, grapes and raisins

Anson Mills

Hand-milled heirloom grains, from Carolina Gold Rice 
to Yellow Hominy Corn

Niman Ranch

Natural, humanely raised beef, pork and lamb.

Rancho Gordo Beans
Steve Sando's heritage beans and other New World heirlooms

Carbon Farmers of America
Spreading the gospel of high organic-matter topsoil